Anthony Padilla

What’s up party people…so I guess since this it took me this long to even start using this section I might as well be honest and say…I don’t know how often I’ll be sharing my “thoughts on stuff”…maybe it’ll be weekly, maybe it’ll be bi-weekly…maybe it’ll be daily, maybe it’ll be bi-daily (does that exist?)…whatever the case may be I’m guessing it will probably be when I need to share my innermost thoughts on life’s most pressing issues (Pouty athletes, ugly Oscar dresses, my softball stats from the current season) and I can only hope that you’ll be here in some capacity to read them, share them, comment on them, like them, dislike them…whatever you do, I’m just glad you’ve taken the time to let me be a part of your day…that being said I’ve got a softball doubleheader tonight so I need to go get ready for that (make sure my powerade is frozen but not TOO frozen, sunflower seeds are in the bag, cup is in jockstrap)….here’s to 2 wins for us and a great rest of the day for you….unless you’re reading this at a time other than the day I posted it…if that’s the case disregard all the softball stuff…unless it happens to be another gameday for me then…forget it, I’m outta here…talk to you soon…maybe….

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